With a 14 million euros investment, Vila Real’s Continente is now completely renovated, with 4575 m2 of sales area, 25 cashiers in the hypermarket, stores - ZU, Note, Well's, Dr. Well's, Worten Mobile, Worten, MO and Bagga – and more parking spaces. The reopening event took place today with the presence of the Mayor of Vila Real, Rui Santos, the CEO of Sonae MC, Luís Moutinho, and several guests from the region.

The new Vila Real’s Continente building’s front was designed by the renowned local architect Belém Lima, who incorporated references from the city in this project, namely ‘'Cristas de Galo’ (Rooster’s comb), a traditional sweet pastry. In terms of environmental sustainability, the use of photovoltaic panels in the parking lot allows the channelling of solar energy to power the building.

According to Luís Pereira, Director of Vila Real’s Continente, “we are very excited about the remodelling of Vila Real’s Continente, which is now bigger and more modern, in order to meet the needs of our customers and friends. We invite you to visit us and learn about our new services, in addition to the campaigns that are in place. This store’s team of more than 150 professionals is enthusiastic and committed to providing the best service to our customers, with the greatest variety of products and at the best prices.

In addition to environmental concerns, this modernization also ensured the improvement of safety, health and well-being conditions of all employees, for which reason investment was made in the renovation of all social areas, as well as in the operational component.

With 587 parking spaces, Vila Real’s Continente also made significant improvements to the local urban landscape and to the access to the commercial area that has been in this location for 29 years.

The opening of the space is marked by a 10% discount on Continente Card campaign, throughout the store, between November 30th and December 5th. In the space, the Prize Wheel action is also taking place (for purchases over €40), where customers can get several prizes. On the official reopening day, there are several welcome gifts for customers visiting the space.

Open daily, from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm, consumers have a variety of fresh and seasonal products always available, from fruits and vegetables, to bakery, butcher and fishmonger products, as well as a take-away service.

With a view to fighting food waste, customers can find our ‘0% waste boxes’ for sale, with 5 kg of fruits and vegetables in good consumption conditions, but close to the limit of their shelf life, for €0.50/kg.

On the environmental front, it is also worth highlighting the availability of equipment where consumers can deposit used cooking oil, used batteries and cork stoppers, which will later be taken for recycling. In terms of lighting, the store has 100% LED low-consumption light bulbs, and also equipment to control and reduce potential excessive water consumption.

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