Strategic Pillars

Our strategic guidance is rooted in a concrete definition of the pillars that steer our growth and leadership pathways in the markets we operate whilst pledging value creation for our Stakeholders.


  • Expand our proximity food retail business, by enhancing e-commerce and our digital solutions
  • Accelerate growth in our Iberian health, wellness, and beauty businesses, investing in the expansion of new concepts (e.g., opticians, beauty, health insurance)


  • Champion simplification and agility pertaining to our operating model and the organisation, bound up with technological evolution
  •  Develop skills for the future, by promoting upskilling and reskilling within the organization


  • Position ourselves as benchmark employers with capacity to attract, promote and retain talent
  • Invest in skills and leadership diversity


  • Invest in modernising our store network, ensuring it remains a veritable gold standard asset
  • Guarantee a democratic and unparalleled offering as acknowledged by our Customers, strengthening market leadership in key areas (e.g., pricing and special offers, fresh products and private label goods)


  • Minimise the environmental and social impact of our operations and our value chain
  • Assure that we support our Customers in their consumption decisions, by providing information and promoting a more sustainable lifestyle

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