Improving Our Life

At MC, we promote a culture based on our employees’ personal and professional satisfaction

We streamline a set of practices and projects that seek to work different dimensions and contribute to engagement, commitment and job satisfaction, strengthening and making the relationship between employee and company more meaningful.

The Improving Our Life movement is guided by five great dimensions.To know them go through all the colours.

We stimulate a set of practices / projects that seek to work these different dimensions, narrowing the relationship between the employee and the company, in a commitment among all.

— Challenge yourself

This program consists of training employees who want to start a new career path with new professional skills.

— Flex it up

Five flexible work initiatives that promote a better reconciliation of employees' personal and professional lives.

— Reverse Mentoring

Connecting leaders and young people, building bridges between generations through debate and mutual learning of subjects that contribute to the cultural transformation of MC.

— Colleague, we moved your home.

Allows the rehabilitation of some employees’ home, through a fund raising promoted by the company and its people.

— Week of Our Professions

It seeks to make known to the employees' children the vast ``world of professions`` of MC.

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— We Are Sonae Program

Provide exceptional and temporary support to employees in situations of need and social vulnerability, in partnership with the Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa (Portuguese Red Cross).

— Program Your Life and Make Your Future

Vocational exploration session for employees' children, between the ages of 14 and 18 and the first notions of competencies for the future.

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— Solidarity Bazaar

A market of some of MC’s insignia, with the possibility of buying products at symbolic prices.

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