Through a portfolio of a multi-format business, we offer our customers a wide range of high quality products and services at competitive prices.

Food retail business

Hypermarkets in premium locations, anchored to shopping centres

Large supermarkets with a wide range of products

Proximity supermarkets located in urban areas, focused on daily shopping needs

Leading food retail e-commerce platform in Portugal

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Franchised proximity stores, located in cities or rural areas

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Complementary businesses

Store network with supplies and services for pets, such as veterinarian and training

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Stationery stores, books and convenience services such as postal services

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Chain of cafeterias located next to Continente and Continente Modelo stores

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Health, wellness and beauty

Parapharmacies with health, beauty, wellness and optics products and services

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Stores with a wide range of products of parapharmacy and perfumery, located at the North of Spain

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Restaurants with healthy and organic products

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MC's value proposition distinguishes itself
through a set of differentiating axes.

Travel through our history, since the opening of the first 1st hypermarket in Portugal.