‘Apple and Cinnamon’, ‘Pumpkin and Walnut’ and ‘Chocolate’ are the three new limited winter edition flavours to fill ‘O Nosso Croissant’ (‘Our Croissant’), available exclusively in all Continente stores, by the bakery area, in single-dose format.

The new fillings are all produced in Portugal and make up a special winter edition, so that customers can enjoy the new flavours wherever they want, in a comfortable and economical way. So, at this moment, customers can find 8 flavour options to fill ‘O Nosso Croissant’, namely Apple and Cinnamon, Pumpkin and Walnut, Chocolate, Egg Jam, Chocolate and Hazelnut, Milk Jam (Dulce de Leche), Hazelnut and Red Berries.

For sale at all Continente stores, ‘O Nosso Croissant’ is the result of an exclusive recipe, which stands out for its half-brioche, half-puff pastry and its crunchy crust. This national product registers a growing acceptance by customers, who started to consider it as part of their regular consumption. “We have seen a very high repetition rate, which proves the satisfaction of our customers who tried it and have become loyal and great promoters of it”, says Nuno Vital, Commercial Director at Sonae MC.
On Continente, we want to continue to innovate and surprise our customers, who have increasingly sought out ‘O Nosso Croissant’. Thus, we launched 3 new unique winter flavours, which stand out for their quality and flavour, and which meet what our customers are looking for”, defends Nuno Vital.

Produced in Portugal and hand-rolled, ‘O Nosso Croissant’, as well as the newly launched fillings, were thought out in detail, from the meticulous recipe improvement to the development of the brand’s identity, to the presentation in the stores and the personalized packaging – boxes or paper bags.

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