PET plastic packaging deposit reverts to institutions

As of this month of September, the amount raised from the deposit of PET plastic beverage containers at Continente Bom Dia Defensores de Chaves and Bom Dia Alvalade stores, in Lisbon, and Bom Dia Amial and Bom Dia Campo 24 de Agosto stores, in Porto, will be fully donated to institutions supported by Missão Continente.

This pilot project, taking place in these four Continente Bom Dia stores, provides customers with automatic deposit equipment for PET plastic beverage packaging, allowing for the social aspect to be highlighted - the more packaging deposited, the higher the amount donated: €0.02 (from 0.1l to 0.5l) and 0.05€ (from 0.5l to 2l) for each package deposited – and also reconciling with environmental goals, promoting recycling and circularity of this material.

Through this system, it is possible to recycle high quality plastic and maximize the “circularity of materials” by incorporating recycled plastic into new bottles. The balance of activity in the machines at Continente stores could not have been more positive!” explains Pedro Lago, Director of Sustainability Projects at Continente. “Over the last year and a half, more than 11.4 million PET plastic packages were collected for recycling”, adds the official.

In this pilot project, the institutions supported by Missão Continente – ‘Animalife’; ‘Raquel and Martin Sain Foundation’; ‘Nª Srª do Amial Social and Parish Centre’; and ‘Senhor do Bonfim, Social Solidarity Association’ - were chosen, taking into account the physical proximity to each store and the already established relationship in the context of daily surplus donations.

In line with European goals and legal guidelines for recycling, Continente is participating in several pilot projects to prepare for the future Deposit and Refund System (DRS) for beverage packaging, to be implemented in Portugal. These initiatives have been important references in order to acquire knowledge and experience, before the final system’s implementation.

Therefore, Continente will have beverage packaging deposit machines installed in 25 stores throughout mainland Portugal, representing a convenient, simple and quick solution for the consumer.

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