The Wine, Sausage and Cheese Market is back in Continente

The Wine, Sausage and Cheese Market is back in Continente stores, from September 21st to October 17th, with over 400 featured wines, from more than 120 national producers. This year, the Market has 50 new items in store, including exclusive organic and vegan wines. More than 90% of the range is on sale, with direct discounts of up to 70%.

At this Market, where more than 4 million bottles of wine are sold, three exclusive wines from national producers stand out as a novelty: the ‘Lagar de Burmester Reserva Douro red’, by Casa Burmester, for €8.99, the ‘Campolargo Vinha das Corgas DOC Bairrada red’, from producer Carlos Campolargo, for €12.99, and the ‘Guarda Rios Signature Syrah Regional Alentejano single-caste red’, from Monte da Ravasqueira, for €14.99.

Continente also intends to democratize access to quality organic and vegan wines. In the case of organic wines, produced using more sustainable and environment-friendly methods, the ‘DOC Beira Interior’ white and red wines, produced by Rui Roboredo Madeira, were launched in the ‘Contemporal’ private label. In the case of Vegan wines, produced without the addition of oenological products of animal origin, the novelties are the ‘Contemporal Vegan Regional Alentejano’ white and red wines, produced by Herdade da Candeeira. Both ‘Contemporal’ Organic and Vegan wines also stand out for their minimalist packaging, with recycled glass bottles and paper labels, 100% vegetable ink and no capsule, in order to reduce the materials used in the packaging process. These highlights can be found in stores at €3.99 and €3.49, respectively.

In the Biological wines segment, the Market's novelties also include the ‘Vinha da Malcata Biológico DOC Beira Interior’ white and red wines (producer Rui Roboredo Madeira), for €5.99 and the ‘Fronteira Biológico DOC Douro’ (producer Quinta dos Castelares), for €7.99. In total, there are 20 references highlighted in stores, corresponding to the growing interest and demand for this type of wines.

And because the excellence of the wines must be combined with the best cheeses and sausages, in order to continue to promote the art of snacking, which translates into moments of sharing at the table with family and friends, Continente’s Wine, Sausage and Cheese Market inspires customers to make pairings of cheeses, sausages and wines, with several pairing suggestions. We Highlight the Continente Seleção Sliced ​​Black Pork range, such as “Copita”, Loin, Sausage and Red “Paio”, and the Continente brand’s regional cheeses, such as ‘Seia’s Buttered Sheep Cheese’ and ‘Azeitão PDO Cheese’, among others.

This Market is a way to support and honour national production, evidencing the quality and diversity of Portuguese wines, coming from different regions and different producers. The ‘Continente Producers Club’ already has more than 50 national wine producers, reinforcing the dynamism and quality of the sector. This year, one of the products that won the Innovation Award from the Continente Producers Club’s Academy was the ‘Villa do Mar Low Alcohol Regional Lisboa Branco’ wine, with only 7.5% alcohol, for sale exclusively in Continente’s wineries.

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