Lentils and Vegetables Veggie Meal; Quinoa, beans and peppers Veggie Meal; and Barley, Peas and Spinach Veggie Meal are the 3 new vegetarian ready-to-eat meals, by Continente Equilíbrio.

With legumes, cereals and vegetables, these balanced dishes are quick and easy to prepare, combining practicality with nutritional richness in fiber and vegetable protein. The meals contain 1 serving of 350gr (1.99€), with moderate salt content and low fat content.

For a balanced meal, the ideal dish should consist of 25% of a carbohydrate source, 25% of a protein source, such as legumes, and 50% of vegetables, in other words, half of the dish. It was with this in mind that we created our Veggie Meals, to offer our customers a complete and balanced meal”, says Mayumi Delgado, Continente Nutrition Team’s Manager.


The ‘Continente Equilíbrio’ brand is unique in the national market for presenting a wide and differentiating offer of nutritionally balanced products that emphasize taste, always at the lowest prices. We want to continue to respond to the needs of our customers and to the growing demand for healthy food and vegetarian meals”, explains the official.

Continente Equilíbrio products have less sugar, salt and fat, more protein, fiber, fruits and vegetables, and naturally healthier wholesome options. All products are validated by Continente's team of nutritionists and meet strict nutritional criteria: no hydrogenated fats, no palm oil and preferably no artificial sweeteners, colourings and aromas.

Food for the Portuguese is an essential concern and commitment for Continente, which thus promotes the democratization of access to nutritionally healthier foods and the promotion of balanced eating habits and lifestyles.

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