Continente’s exclusive system’s coffee has a new packaging, which is more compact and made of 100% recyclable cardboard, allowing savings of 26 tonnes of plastic per year.

Continente replaced around 3.5 million coffee packages from its exclusive system, which changed from a non-recyclable multi-material bag (plastic and aluminium) to cardboard packaging, originated from responsibly managed forests, which are 100% recyclable.

In addition to this change in material, packaging is more compact, reducing the amount of raw material needed, as well as the carbon footprint in its transport, since it is possible to transport more capsules per trip.

Continente coffee capsules, compatible with the brand's exclusive system coffee machine, are available in 9 different varieties: ‘Decaffeinato’, ‘Intenso Decaffeinato’, ‘Leggero’, ‘Originale’, ‘Classico’, ‘Fortezza’, - with 16 capsules per pack, for €3.65 - and also a set of origin coffee – ‘Ethiopia’, ‘Colombia’ and ‘India’ with 10 capsules per pack, for €2.49.

This range of coffees, in capsules, compatible with Continente’s exclusive system, is developed in partnership with a national supplier and a coffee specialist who, together, create and evaluate the most varied blends with various intensities and flavours, to meet the taste of the Portuguese.

Together with this range of capsules, Continente’s exclusive coffee system was also born in 2016, with the aim of increasing the offer available in the market, in this segment, offering customers an assortment of exclusive and differentiating coffees.

As a way of thanking customers for their continued trust, Continente recently launched a new model for its exclusive system’s coffee machine – ‘Grazie’. With a modern and elegant design, this machine has low energy consumption, switches off automatically, is quieter, easier to use and offers excellent coffee at the perfect temperature. It is available in: black, grey, navy blue and aqua green.

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