Organic and healthy products highlighted on Continente

The largest variety of organic and nutritionally healthy products is highlighted in Continente stores, until October 26th, with the return of the ‘Healthy Life’ Market, featuring hundreds of products at the best prices.

The campaign aims to meet the needs of today's consumer, increasingly aware of their eating habits as well as the impact it has on health and on the environment, offering a variety of organic products, vegetable alternatives, with reduced salt, sugar or fat, ‘free-from’ items (lactose, gluten, etc.) and food supplements, at an affordable price.

Eating more fruits and vegetables, consuming seasonal products, betting on legumes and reducing food waste are some of the contents explored in this campaign, which follows the recommendations of the World Health Organization, recognizing that the low consumption of these foods is one of the ten main risk factors associated with the development of chronic noncommunicable diseases.

Another topic addressed in the campaign is the choice of products through the analysis of the ‘Nutritional Traffic Light’, which indicates the nutritional profile of Continente brand products through a colour code (green - low concentration, yellow - moderate concentration and red - high concentration). An essential tip for making balanced choices is to choose more often products with more green or yellow and less ‘red signs’.

The eating habits of the Portuguese is a concern and an essential commitment for Continente, which therefore promotes democratization in access to nutritionally healthier foods as well as balanced eating habits and lifestyles, at a time when World Health Day is also celebrated, on October 16th.

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