Continente renews ‘À roda da alimentação’ website

Catarina Gouveia, Joana Vaz, Vanessa Alfaro, Filipa Gomes and Mia Rose are some of the well-known personalities who joined Catarina Furtado in order to share healthy recipes, tips and interviews on the new ‘À roda da alimentação’ website, which now also includes an online nutritionist service.

With the aim of promoting healthy lifestyles, the digital platform was rebuilt and optimized, with a new architecture and new content: more tips, recipes, multimedia content and areas dedicated to physical exercise, infant and senior nutrition. To do so, Continente relies on a wide range of guests and specialists, such as doctors, nutritionists or personal trainers. One of the greatest new features of the ‘À roda da alimentação’ website is the free online nutritionist service, which clarifies users’ doubts by making the information publicly available.

Catarina Furtado is the 'À Roda da alimentação' project’s “godmother”, which, in addition to this website, encompasses all Continente’s work within the scope of promoting Healthy Eating in Portugal and which began in 2018: “It is a pride to continue to work along with Continente in this project to raise awareness and mobilize the Portuguese to adopt healthier eating habits and lifestyles. This is something I stand for and practice daily”.

The initiative reinforces the importance of sustainable food choices and the brand’s role in this awareness, but also in the democratization of healthy eating. In addition, the platform wants to respond to consumers concerned with the topic and who are looking for credible information.

Promoting healthy eating is one of Continente’s brand’s commitments, which has a diversified range of nutritionally balanced products. One of the main initiatives was the nutritional improvement of products, which resulted in the reduction of 450 tonnes of sugar, 60 tonnes of salt and 300 tonnes of saturated fats in more than 100 products, in the last year alone. There are several examples of this movement, including Yogurts, Cereals, Crackers, Soft Drinks, Potato Chips, Tomato Pulps and Take Away Soups.

Recently, the ‘Continente Equilíbrio’ brand was renewed and has approximately 200 references, asserting itself as a range of nutritionally balanced products at an affordable price, which allows everyone to make food choices for a healthier life.

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