“Jardim em Casa” returns to Continente

Until June 20th, the "Jardim em Casa" (Home Garden) market will return to Continente stores, which will awaken in customers a love for their home, with inspirations and trends to enjoy the summer, the sun and friends and recreate an ideal environment to relax in balconies, gardens and terraces.

To announce this new range dedicated to the summer, at the lowest prices, Continente presents the "There is nothing like a Summer love" campaign, where the character falls deeply in love, during their shopping, with a barbecue, an essential tool to enjoy the hottest days.

The Market has a diverse range of garden furniture and sun loungers, thermal bags and cases, barbecues and swimming pools, toys and accessories for camping, bicycles, games, flower boxes and many other items to take advantage of the house’s outdoor space or to recreate an indoor garden.

At last year's market, sales grew in all categories, namely outdoor furniture (+ 26%), garden (+ 55%), sports (+ 36%) and household appliances (+ 144%). During the confinement, Continente stores recorded a greater demand for sports equipment for indoor and outdoor physical exercise, garden and DIY items to carry out repairs or small works, toys, games, books and play material to help spend the time.

To solve the purchase of products that “do not fit in the store or in the cart”, Continente stores offer the ‘mais continente’ kiosks, which allow you to order in stores and schedule delivery at home. Customers choose the products on the 'mais continente' kiosk screen, fill in their address and take the receipt of what they intend to buy to the cashiers, paying normally, together with their remaining purchases. The item(s) are then received at home.

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