Continente bets on ‘Dairy Free’ Vegan Ice Cream

Brownie and Caramel, Red Berries Cheesecake and Salted Caramel are the new flavours of Continente's vegan ice cream range – ‘Dairy Free’ – featured in stores for €3.29 (500ml).

Made from coconut (instead of the traditional milk) and naturally lactose free, these new vegan ice creams promise to surprise consumers with the irreverent addition of brownie pieces to a caramel ice cream with an irresistible chocolate syrup (Brownie and Caramel), or a creamy cheesecake, with crunchy biscuit pieces and a delicious red berries syrup (Red Berries Cheesecake), or even an ice cream that combines caramel syrup with the irreverence of macadamia and salted caramel pieces (Salted Caramel).

The new ‘Dairy Free’ ice creams were evaluated by more than 180 customers in “blind” tasting tests carried out in an independent external laboratory and gathered 100% of positive responses.

According to Ana Alves, Continente's Commercial and Private Label Director, “we test all our products with our customers, who are the most rigorous evaluators we can have. This summer we present the new range of ‘Dairy Free’ vegan ice creams, with a coconut base, proving that it is possible to offer irreverent and indulgent flavours as an alternative to the traditional ice creams, with a milk base. Ideal to share with friends or for a 'sofa' moment… We pride ourselves on continuing to surprise our customers with innovative products every day, always at the lowest prices”.

The entire Continente product range will be highlighted until August 15th, with discounts on thousands of private label products, in all stores as well as online. The ‘Continente’ Private Label has gained the trust of the Portuguese over these 30 years and is today the leading private label in food retail.

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