Missão Continente delivers 30.000€ to the Portuguese Red Cross

Missão Continente delivered a check for 30 thousand euros raised with the sale of the solidarity shopping bag to the Portuguese Red Cross (PRC). The amount reverts to the reinforcement of the institution’s daily support requests’ management team, allowing it to increase its response capacity.

The symbolic moment for presenting the check took place at the Portuguese Red Cross’ headquarters, in Lisbon, with the presence of Francisco George, President of the PRC, and Nádia Reis, Continente’s Communication and Social Responsibility Director.

Missão Continente aims to improve and be present in the lives of Portuguese families and the work of the PRC represents an invaluable contribution to our society in this regard. The fact that this donation increases the PRC's ​​responsiveness is a very important goal for us because we know that requests for support have also been increasing and that a swift response is needed. At Missão Continente we work with a sense of mission focused on creating social value and that is why we want to be on the side of the people and on the side of the solution”, says Nádia Reis, Continente’s Communication and Social Responsibility Director.

According to Susana Marques, PRC’s General Secretary, “when we considered that the most critical period of the Pandemic had been in 2020 due to the high number of requests for help, we came to realize that these daily requests have not decreased. As time went by, the Pandemic took hold and families that, until now, were able to manage their incomes, albeit tenuously, began to financially decline and fall into situations of great vulnerability. This tells us that the consequences of this Pandemic are yet to last and that our ability to respond remains a daily challenge. The partnership with Missão Continente always translates into strengthening our capacities and this campaign, in particular, which involved society in a common cause of support for others, motivates us to continue a work that tends to be slow and difficult”.

Since the beginning of the Solidarity Shopping Bags initiative, in August 2020, 180 thousand bags have been sold in 41 Continente stores across the country, where half of the value (€0.50) of each bag reverted to an institution - Portuguese Volunteer Firefighters Association, Animalife and the Portuguese Red Cross. Missão Continente donated a total of 90 thousand euros to the three institutions.

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