Continente sells solidarity chocolates

Choco Fun chocolates, sold exclusively at Continente stores, have a solidary nature and part of the sales go to improving the lives of cocoa producers in local communities in Tanzania, by improving school infrastructure and teaching agricultural skills.

The “Cocoa for Schools” initiative’s goal is to improve the quality of life of thousands of cocoa producers and their families, who are in the Mbeya zone in Tanzania, through investment in education. The project is committed to improving the educational infrastructure of local communities through the renovation or building of classrooms and offices for teachers, in addition to the distribution of 430,000 school textbooks. In addition to education, the project also helps farmers by teaching agricultural skills, distributing new cocoa trees and providing devices to generate solar electricity.

The Choco Fun chocolates range, made up of three different flavours - milk chocolate and nuts; banana and fudge milk chocolate; and pecan nut fudge dark chocolate - at a rrp of € 2.49 (180g) it is distinguished by its disruptive and fun image.

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