Missão Continente’s Solidarity bag supports Animalife

From Sunday, October 4th - World Animal Day, Continente stores across the country will have another solidarity shopping bag for sale. This time, sales revert to Animalife, with the aim of vaccinating as many animals as possible.

This 2nd edition of Missão Continente’s Solidarity bags includes 60 thousand units which are for sale for 1 euro each. Half of this amount goes to Animalife, which in 2012 created the Animal Solidarity Bank, which currently supports 35,000 animals at risk.

With the messages “This bag carries joy” and “For great causes, great missions”, the reusable and recyclable raffia shopping bags include a tag that explains that for almost a decade Animalife has been fighting animal abandonment in Portugal, acting directly on its causes. Animalife fights abandonment by supporting people in need with dependent pets, as well as individual protectors, groups and animal protection associations.

For Rodrigo Livreiro, President of the Animalife Board, “this support is essential for Animalife, especially at a time when so many associations and families that we support face serious difficulties in ensuring the welfare of the animals they are in charge of. It is initiatives like this that allow us to keep all the support we provide, and for that, we can only thank Missão Continente for having remembered us to integrate this solidarity bags initiative.”

This is the 2nd edition of solidarity and sustainable bags launched by Missão Continente. The 1st edition started in August with sales of the solidarity bag reverting to the Portuguese Association of Voluntary Firemen (APBV), to help with the purchase of External Automatic Defibrillators.

In 2019, Missão Continente reused a total of 12.3 million in food surpluses, ofwhich 8.5 million were donated to 1,013 social solidarity institutions and animal welfare and support associations throughout the country, with the rest distributed internally in Continente stores’ and warehouses’ social areas.

Animalife is the Animal Solidarity Bank’s organizing and managing entity and for its success it has the participation of over 250 associations, groups and individual protectors. However, Animalife does not store or distribute food from the Animal Solidarity Bank, since each beneficiary entity is responsible for the transport, collection and storage of the portion of food assigned to it, and must guarantee with its own volunteers the means necessary for that.

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