Sonae MC employees vote yes to the Bank of Hours

Sonae MC employees voted in favour of maintaining the Bank of Hours regime, in the internal referendum that took place from 21st to 27th of September and which registered a global participation rate of 98%.

The referendum had an overall result of 79% favourable votes in the group of companies that are part of Sonae MC. The system used was electronic voting, ensured by the technical partnership with Multicert and SIBS.

For Marta Azevedo, Director of Labour Relations at Sonae MC, “we will continue to apply the figure with the same sense of responsibility that we have done so far, as this is the expressive will of our employees as reflected in the results of the referendum. The level of participation and the expressiveness of the YES reveal the adequacy and appreciation that our people make of this flexible working time management mechanism. To this extent, SONAE MC employees can also continue to benefit from the advantages associated with the Bank of Hours, in particular, to better reconcile their personal and professional lives.”

The Bank of Hours regime has been in force since October 1st. According to Marta Azevedo, Director of Labour Relations at Sonae MC, "the application of this regime is already an old practice of the group, going back to its implementation in 2014, now consolidating our view that this is a tool of interest, both for the company and for most employees who have joined it."

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