‘An Instruction Manual for happy moments’ is the promise of Continente Seleção’s renewed brand, which offers a range of exclusive products made with the best ingredients and unique flavours, to make family moments more special, at the best prices.

Continente Seleção debuts its new image, with more than 50 differentiated and exclusive products, in an offer that ranges from cheeses and sausages, to biscuits and chocolates, to groceries and frozen foods, with ideal suggestions for the festive season, in a careful selection of products, which are distinguished by their demanding quality, differentiation and authenticity standards.

Shrimp in filo pastry (8 pcs for €3.99) and PDO Azeitão Cheese (€5.99) are the brand’s options for customers to discover this Christmas, as well as Cured Cod Loins with Fleur de Sel (€18,79), followed by Continente Seleção’s milk, dark and white chocolate Mini Bavarois (6 pcs for €3.99).

With a stroked grey background, contributing to a stronger packaging line and, at the same time, with a touch of modernism and sophistication, the new packaging highlights the photography and image of the product itself as the main element alongside the graphic design of the word "Selecção", which now appears handwritten, with a loose and fluid stroke, which reinforces the elegance and simplicity that Continente wants to attribute to this range.

The Continente Seleção brand was designed with people who privilege differentiation, sophistication and authenticity in mind. This Christmas, the year we celebrate 30 years of Continente products, we’re surprising our customers with more than 50 new products of the highest quality, to make their moments even more special”, explains Ana Alves, Private Label Commercial Director at Sonae MC.

Some Continente Seleção products

  • Continente Seleção’s almonds, butter and chocolate Biscuits 100g – €1.99

  • Continente Seleção’s Shrimp in filo pastry 8 pcs. – €3.99

  • Continente Seleção’s milk, dark and white chocolate Mini Bavarois 6 pcs. – €3.99

  • Continente Seleção’s Truffle Risotto with Shitake Mushrooms 280g – €2.29

  • Continente Seleção’s 100% Portuguese Flower Honey 300g – €2.99

  • Cherry Sweet Tomato – €1.49

  • Aberdeen Angus Beef Burger – €3.49

  • King Cake 800g – €8.29

  • Cured Cod Loins with Fleur de Sel – €18.79

  • PDO Azeitão Cheese – €5.99

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