Missão Continente is turning on Christmas lights in 20 remote Portuguese villages, one for each district, with the aim of making residents feel a little more accompanied during this season, as part of the ‘Luzes com Presença’ campaign, which aims to fight Solitude and Social Isolation.

São Mamede, in Arcos de Valdevez (Viana do Castelo); Meijoadela, in Cabeceiras de Basto (Braga); Paradinha de Besteiros, in Macedo de Cavaleiros (Bragança); Cubas, in Vila Pouca de Aguiar (Vila Real); Vinheiros, in Marco de Canaveses (Porto); Noninha, in Arouca (Aveiro); Cidadelhe, in Pinhel (Guarda); Campo Benfeito, in Castro Daire (Viseu); Souto do Brejo, in Pampilhosa da Serra (Coimbra); Álvaro, in Oleiros (Castelo Branco); Coelheira, in Figueiró dos Vinhos (Leiria); Ouguela, in Campo Maior (Portalegre); Freixoeirinhos, in Mação (Santarém); Vila Vedra, in Arruda dos Vinhos (Lisbon), Santa Margarida da Serra, Grândola (Setúbal); Jorumenha, in Alandroal (Évora); Alcaria dos Javazes, in Mértola (Beja); Cintados, in Tavira (Faro); Achada da Madeira, in S. Vicente (Madeira); and Angra do Heroísmo (Azores) are the 20 locations lit up with festive lights by Missão Continente.

Until January 6th 2022, the ‘Luzes com Presença’ (Lights  with Presence) campaign will be running in all Continente, Continente Modelo, Continente Bom Dia, Continente Online and Meu Super stores, from north to south of the country and islands, through the sale of €1 vouchers. The amount raised will revert in full to finance projects by institutions with national operations – ‘SOS Voz Amiga’ and the Portuguese Red Cross - and 9 other institutions with local operations* in fighting and preventing Loneliness and Social Isolation.

According to Nádia Reis, Continente's Director of Communication and Social Responsibility, “the solidarity of the Portuguese people and the adhesion to these solidarity campaigns, by Missão Continente, continue to move us. This campaign will certainly make a difference in the projects of these institutions that are dedicated to fighting Loneliness and Social Isolation, some of which are more regional and local, which make all the difference in the communities they support. We are always aware of our responsibility to civil society and we will always take action in order to improve the living conditions of all Portuguese”.

The 11 selected institutions* are dedicated to developing and carrying out concrete actions on ​​preventing and fighting Loneliness and Social Isolation, such as specialized emotional phone support, support for digital inclusion (basic communication tools), free complementary health care at home, plastic and musical expression sessions to stimulate cognitive and emotional skills, companion animals, home visits and monitoring of daily tasks, among other activities and forms of specialized help for those who need it the most.

In order to help, simply purchase one of the €1 solidarity vouchers, which are for sale at Continente, Continente Modelo, Continente Bom Dia, Continente Online and Meu Super stores.

Additionally, it is possible to contribute in the following ways:

  • Bank transfer to IBAN (Santander) PT50 0018 2392 01073969 020 35 (applicable to SEPA/Immediate bank transfers); NIB (Santander) 0018 2392 01073969 020 35 (applicable to ATM Transfers)

  • MBWay via the No. 937 07 07 07

  • Value-added phone call to the no. 761 10 10 10

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 * Institutions supported by the ‘Luzes com Presença’ (Lights with Presence) Campaign:

  • ‘SOS Voz Amiga’ Association

  • Portuguese Red Cross

  • ‘N.ª Sr.ª do Extremo’ Social Center (Vila Pouca de Aguiar)

  • ‘Espaço T’ - Social and community integration support association (Porto)

  • ‘Aldeias Humanitar’ - Social Solidarity Association (Sernancelhe)

  • ‘Mais Proximidade’ Association (Lisbon)

  • ‘ACASO’ – Olhão’s Cultural and Social Support Association

  • DTC Social – Doing Things to Connect

  • ‘Coração Amarelo’ Association (Porto de Mós)

  • ‘CRESAÇOR’ – Regional Cooperative of Solidarity Economy (S. Miguel)

  • ‘Viver de Afetos’ - Câmara de Lobos VIVA Community Development Association (Madeira)

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