Continente reinforces the “Power by Plants” range

In order to meet the needs and desires of consumers, Continente has just reinforced its 'Powered by Plants' range of Private Brand products, which now has new refrigerated options that promise a taste and appearance similar to meat, but made with vegetables: hamburgers, meatballs and 100% vegetable mince, also suitable for vegan consumers.

Population growth, growing environmental awareness and increasing concerns about health in general and the practice of healthier eating and animal welfare have led to a greater demand for vegetarian and vegan products. In order to respond to the demand for innovative and disruptive products for customers who practice Veggie diets (vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians), Continente launched new products with only vegetable protein.

The three new refrigerated varieties contain 19% protein per 100gr, have a high content of iron, fiber and vitamin B12, making an excellent nutritional option for those who choose a vegan diet or are looking for balanced alternatives to reduce meat consumption, while keeping all the flavour.

These products are the result of Continente's strong commitment to innovation, having the systematic presentation of new solutions been strategic, which, in this case, complements the offer of healthy products, with the best ingredients that guarantee the highest standards of quality and freshness, contributing to a more sustainable chain.

The new "Powered by Plants" range is available in the Butchery section of Continente stores and the RRP varies between €2.99 and €3.49.

Continente’s Private Brand has been working continuously for 30 years in search of the best answers to the daily needs of Portuguese consumers. The promotion of balanced eating habits, lifestyles and conscientious consumption are essential commitments for the Continente brand, which are reflected in the development of private label products, which have been gaining the trust and preference of the Portuguese.

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