Continente expands partnership with Uber Eats

Continente expanded its partnership with Uber Eats, now reaching more than 40 stores in the greater Lisbon and greater Porto areas. Several exclusive and traditional take-away meals from Continente stores thus reach more customers' homes through instant delivery.

Continente take-away delivery through Uber Eats is a solution that adapts to every moment of consumers' daily lives, whether for the convenience of the service, or the diversity of the offer and the always low price, which makes this service more accessible.

Continente offers a unique dining experience through Uber Eats, with exclusive recipes to deliver at customer’s homes the comfort and quality of homemade food at the lowest prices. Duck rice made with the best sausages, cod with cream with the most authentic flavour or the traditional Portuguese pork are just some of the more traditional dishes, which are joined by pasta, sandwiches, snacks, soups and succulent roast chicken.

This partnership reinforces Continente's positioning in the home delivery segment, which has now been expanded, thus allowing it to reach 25 more stores in the Greater Lisbon area, 15 more stores in the Greater Porto area and more than 8 stores in the Setúbal area.

All Uber Eats orders are 100% contactless, meaning no direct contact between employees and users, and between the 7th and the 20th of July there is a special 2x1 promotion deal on all hot meals.

Continente's goal is to continue to meet the needs of its customers and provide convenient alternatives, offering them yet another simple and easy-to-use delivery alternative, without having to leave home. The brand seeks to deliver value propositions that can make life easier for the Portuguese and the expansion of this partnership allows Continente's take-away meals to reach more people.

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