Continente Equilíbrio with new Soups without the addition of Salt

Watercress and Coriander, Carrot Cream and Mint and Ginger are the new Continente Equilíbrio’ Soups with no added salt, no colouring or preservatives, just seasoned with aromatic herbs and spices in order to keep all the flavour.

The novelties, produced in Portugal and made with the best fresh vegetables and extra virgin olive oil, are already available in Continente stores as well as online, at a large capacity (800g), for 2.49 euros.

Excessive salt consumption (above 5g per day) is one of the greatest public health risks, being associated with the emergence of numerous diseases. In order to reverse this situation and, as the leading food retail brand in Portugal, Continente has committed to improving the nutritional composition of the products it offers its customers, to help reduce the excessive consumption of sugars, salt and fats in Portugal.

“In order to help fight the excessive consumption of salt by the Portuguese, the new ‘Continente Equilíbrio’ soups were developed without any addition of salt, but maintaining all the flavour by the addition of aromatic herbs and spices. The entire range of the brand's soups is also reducing the salt content of its recipes, thus being able to be integrated into a balanced diet that meets the DGS goal of reducing, on average, 0.3g of salt per 100g by 2023", explains Mayumi Thais Delgado, Continente’s nutritionist.

In addition to these launches, Continente has already made a gradual reduction in its entire range of soups, and currently more than 15 products in our range already have a low salt content, reaching 0.3g of salt per 100g, where we highlight the Continente Green Bean Soup (800g), the Continente Watercress Soup (400g) and the Continente Equilíbrio Courgette Cream (250g). It is estimated that there will be a reduction of about 4 tonnes of salt in Continente soups by 2022, thus contributing to a healthier and more balanced diet!

According to Ana Alves, Continente's Commercial and Private Label Director, “in Continente, we seek to continuously improve our products’ nutritional composition. The ‘Continente Equilíbrio’ brand is unique in the national market for presenting a wide and differentiating offer of nutritionally balanced products that emphasize taste and are within everyone's reach, always at the lowest prices. The consumer does not have to choose between taste, healthy food or price.”

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