Continente Online with discounts and free delivery on school textbooks

Until August 31st, all school textbook orders placed on Continente Online are delivered free of charge to an address chosen by the customer. The convenience of preparing the return to school without leaving your home, and with an improved shopping experience and discounts throughout the school year, is what stands out in the online store’s school textbooks campaign.

Also, until the end of August, all textbook reservations without a voucher and activity books will benefit from a 5% discount on Continente Card.

As Continente Online is an authorized point for exchanging MEGA vouchers - Free School Textbooks - payment for school textbooks can be made with vouchers issued by the Ministry of Education. To do so, simply add the voucher codes to your textbook reservation from August 3rd (the date scheduled for issuing the first vouchers) to enjoy this benefit.

The new ordering process allows you to place a reservation on school textbooks in just a few minutes and include, in the same reservation, books for more than one dependent with the issue of invoices with different Tax Identification Numbers.

Continente Online also offers the possibility to bind and protect school books with a 20% discount on Continente Card. In addition to delivering to an address of the customer's choice, it is also possible to pick up the order at any Continente, Continente Modelo or Continente Bom Dia store. Collection at the store is free throughout the campaign period.

In addition to these advantages, there are also 20% discount coupons, on Continente Card, in school support books and books recommended by the National Reading Plan. These coupons are for unlimited use and are valid throughout the school year.

Continente Online’s School Textbooks Campaign, which is now starting, aims to make life easier for Portuguese families in the preparations for the new school year, allowing them to easily, comfortably and securely place reservations on all school books and activity books, with discounts and benefits, throughout the school year.

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