Continente launches “Yämmi 2 – Healthy Living Limited Edition”

Continente has just launched a limited edition of its cooking robot - the "Yämmi 2 Healthy Living Edition", a brand-new product that is available in Continente and Worten’s physical and online stores.

Food and a healthy lifestyle are increasingly a concern for both consumers and brands and also one of the principles of Yämmi's action, which aims to promote a healthy lifestyle, through the sharing of tasty, but also balanced recipes.

All of these factors combined with the arrival of summer and the need for adaptation and innovation promoted the launch of this limited edition that includes the “Yämmi 2 Upgrade” machine, with all its accessories, and two cookbooks - “Essential Recipes” and “Life is Yämmi”- with over 250 recipes. This edition also includes a mini basil garden, with additional mint seeds and informative “seed paper”, for the price of 439 euros.

yammi vida saudavel edição limitada

Yämmi is a state-of-the-art appliance from Sonae MC, with national design and production, which aims to facilitate the life of the Portuguese by adopting a practical lifestyle and a balanced diet, democratizing access to cooking robots.

In addition to providing a varied set of accessories that fully respond to consumer needs, Yämmi is the only equipment of its kind that allows the exchange and placement of different accessories on the same robot through a patented system. This new edition includes the mixing bowl (3.3L), however, the XL pan, the largest on the market, which allows cooking for up to 12 people, can be purchased separately.

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