New dog and cat food premium brand for sale on Continente

UPPY is a new brand of both dry and wet food, for dogs and cats, that is exclusively sold in all Continente, Continente Online and ZU stores. The brand, which is positioned in a premium segment, is on sale with prices from € 0.99 to € 14.49.

All UPPY foods are hypoallergenic, which reduces the possibility of the animal developing food allergies or intolerances, and although focused on the nutritional segment, there will be news for other segments throughout this year.

UPPY NUTRI is a scientific food that presents highly digestible foods, with probiotics that help the animals’ essential functions, such as cognitive development, digestive tract functioning, as well as improving their skin and hair.

Developed from the ground up by Sonae MC, in partnership with C&D Foods, UPPY relied on the advice of nutritionists and veterinarians, with the aim of formulating recipes appropriate to the animals’ health, well-being and longevity, guaranteeing a formulation with a pleasant flavour.

The growing importance of pet animals in Portuguese society has led to an increasing demand for food that guarantees a higher quality of life for pets.

Continente intends to continue to meet the needs of its customers, who are increasingly looking for high nutrition products, rich in nutrients and protein that guarantee a healthy life for their pets, with a good quality-price ratio.

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