Continente Online ‘refreshes’ on its 20th anniversary

In the year it celebrates its 20th anniversary, Continente Online presents a new website and a new app. The new online store, launched today, has a renewed image and features that facilitate the entire purchase process and allow for customers to save time to do other things. The android app is now available on the Play Store and the iOS version will soon be available on the App Store.

Currently, Continente Online enables same-day deliveries, pick-up of orders in more than 150 stores and coverage of around 80% of the population with the entire Continente range.

The Continente brand's e-commerce platform, which can be used on any device – website, mobile phone or tablet – now has easy navigation through the new search system and personalized recommendations tailored to each customer, based on their history of online and offline purchases (registered on Continente card). At check out, the consumer experience was also upgraded, offering the possibility of managing product-to-product substitutions and suggesting alternatives to unavailable items, making the shopping cart building process faster on any device.

In 2020, registered a growth of 75%, with many customers trying the platform for the first time. “In the first confinement period, there was a very significant increase in new Customers using our service, together with an increase in purchases from those who already used to do so. We had the opportunity to reach a much larger number of Customers and we currently have historical retention and repetition levels”, explains Pedro Santos, E-commerce Director at Sonae MC.

“Since 2001, - 20 years ago - when Continente Online has first launched, that the online business has been a bet for Sonae MC. We have long believed in this channel and as such we have invested, and will continue to do so, to develop and modernize our digital value proposition, which includes consistent integration with physical propositions. This evolution will represent an additional layer of convenience on top of our core service. With the new online store, we will have a natural adaptation period on the part of customers, in which we will count on their feedback to continue building together the future of Continente Online” refers Pedro Santos.

Continente Online has a wide range of products, integration with the Continente Card, same-day delivery, 7 days a week, from 8 am to 11 pm, and Click&Go service in over 150 stores (to pick up orders) or ‘EntregaZero’ (ZeroDelivery) which allows for orders without additional delivery fees. Continente's commitment is to provide experiences that create more value for customers and help them in their daily activities, through the provision of excellent services, which is transversal to physical and digital channels.

This initiative also represents the reinforcement of the strategic collaboration between Sonae MC and Salesforce, in a joint effort that lasted around 12 months. On the one hand, through co-innovation in the development of the Commerce Cloud platform, adding features such as variable weight items and, on the other hand, through the reinforcement of the Salesforce centre of excellence, with the extension of Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud skills to Commerce Cloud and with the introduction of a second hub in Lisbon, complementing Porto’s strong presence.

This platform’s implementation was also supported by OSF Digital, a reference implementation partner in Salesforce. The brand is thus able to speed up delivery times, bringing all its experience to the combined Commerce Cloud, in a symbiotic way, with the knowledge of the teams that operate Continente Online.

For Bruno Mourão, Head of IT Transformation and IT Strategy & Experimentation at Sonae MC, “this trilogy was essential for the introduction of a new chapter in Continente Online’s history. We worked with Salesforce and OSF Digital to bring an even more robust reference platform to the value proposition that Continente Online delivers to all its customers. Having written the first pages of this chapter, we are now counting on our centre of excellence to develop new experiences, whether they are new websites, customized experiences within Continente Online or even the integration of new services”.

Continente is recognized as a strong brand in the modernity, dynamism and innovation territories, with a solid path in digitalization and well aligned with trends. Since 2001, when Continente Online has first launched, the online business has been Sonae MC's commitment, now celebrating 20 years of being the leader in online food retail in Portugal, integrated with the brand's physical stores.

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