Continente is the sponsor of a single National Team

“This hunger to win does not stop growing” is the concept of the multimedia campaign that starts today, with players Bruno Fernandes, Rúben Dias, Diogo Jota, Jessica Silva, Kika Nazareth and Diogo Queirós, and which marks Continente’s official sponsorship not only to the Men's Soccer Team, but also to the Under-21 Men's Team and the Women's Soccer A Team, in an agreement signed in the ‘Cidade do Futebol’ (Football City) between representatives of the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) and Sonae MC.

The campaign, featuring the creativity of Fuel, associates to the already known “Hunger to Win” a new extended sponsorship that covers the 3 main National teams. This campaign emerges to remind us that there is one more opportunity for us to unite (in the stadiums, on the streets, at home or even virtually) and that, especially after the victory at the European (and the holding of the most lasting title in history), this is “a hunger to win that does not stop growing”.

In this story, the Portuguese will be able to enter a space that the public normally does not have access to: the locker room, where we see the moments that precede the players entering the field. Immersed in their preparation, we find out what is on their minds before the start of another game. Concentration, flashbacks and memories of important moments in their lives. Then, each one in their tunnel walks with focus and determination towards the field. After their entrance, when they line up to sing the National anthem, we realize that they are all in the same field and part of the same team, a single National Team. A team that does not see gender, age or race. A team that seeks to feed a hunger to win that does not stop growing.

The story is accompanied by rhyming narration by Capicua, a well-known strong female voice and with an accent, which associates with football for the first time. This voice brings a poetic dimension to the film, which transports the audience through our players’ journey of preparing for the entry onto the field.

The extension of Continente's sponsorship to the Women's National Football Team is linked to the importance of equal opportunities for both genders and the commitment to a team that is taking its first steps in international competitions.

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