Continente presents ‘Bom Para Portugal’ in a new format

Featuring more than 100 personalities from chefs, nutritionists, doctors, musicians, athletes, writers, influencers and presenters, Continente holds the #BomParaPortugal Festival on June 10th, Portugal Day, from 2 pm to 8 pm, live from Continente's Youtube channel and with simultaneous television broadcast – a format never before performed in Portugal.

Produced at Quinta da Pimenteira, in Lisbon, the festival is organized into 3 distinct areas, dedicated to the “Football”, “Sustainability” and “Healthy Food” themes. During 6 hours, the 3 content areas will transmit simultaneously and live - streaming and broadcast - workshops, showcookings, talks and much more.

Among other special moments, to mark the departure of the Portuguese team to Hungary, the festival will be the stage for the first performance of the official music in support of the national team for the Euro 2020, “Vamos com Tudo”, performed by David Carreira, with the special participation of artists Ludmilla, Giulia Be and Preto Show, in a universal celebration of the Portuguese language.

On the website, all information about the event is available, including the schedule, so that each one can build their own personalized agenda, according to the available content.

Within the scope of #BomParaPortugal – where Continente commits to give back everything that Portugal gives it -, Tiago Simões, Marketing Director at Sonae MC explains that “on June 10th, 2019 we were grateful for the trust that consumers have placed in us and we are committed to continuing to nurture that connection. In 2020, we highlighted the good things that the country gives us and how this has become synonymous of a reciprocal relationship: If it's good for those who produce and for those who buy, it's good for Portugal. This year, we wanted to share with the country several relevant themes, such as healthy eating and sustainability, but also to include a festive moment of union and hope, which coincides with the departure of the National Team for the Euro 2020”.

The #Bom Para Portugal Festival marks the brand's return to national events, this time in digital format to ensure everyone's safety, providing access to dozens of experiences and content, for all interests and ages. For those who can't watch everything on the 10th, or simply want to review their favourite moments, all content will be available on-demand during the following months.

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