Continente launches new brand for babies

“Continente do Bebé” is the name of Continente's new private label, consisting of a range specialized in baby food, hygiene and cleaning products, designed and adapted to each growth stage, from 0 to 36 months. The brand's products are highlighted in Continente’s Baby’s Market, which runs in all Continente stores until January 24th, with direct discounts of up to 25%.

Organizing all products in the baby segment under the same brand and image, developing new solutions and unifying a range specifically created and designed for the youngest is this brand’s goal that has all concerns regarding quality, effectiveness, competitive price, flavour, safety and sustainability.

The new brand’s packaging features 8 characters linked to the children's universe, who play an active and fun role in all its communication, and which represent the “Continente do Bebé’s” family: Mimi the fox, Heitor the monkey, Alfredo the lion, Oscar the bear, Gil the crocodile, Elias the hippo, Aurora the giraffe and Alberto the elephant. The name “Continente do Bebé” (Baby’s Continente) also aims to reinforce the brand’s commitment, care and dedication in the development of products that are really the baby’s, designed and created to guarantee the best care in all stages of growth.

The “Continente do Bebé” range will be reinforced throughout 2021 with a complete offer of diapers, pads, wipes and fruit purees (already in store), porridge and flour, hygiene supplements, perfumery and cleaning products, developed with the most rigorous quality standards.

The “Continente do Bebé” porridge meets very strict nutritional criteria: no added sugars (sweetened only with fruit and vegetable pulps), no artificial sweeteners, flavours and colours, no preservatives, no hydrogenated fats and no palm oil. The porridge is produced in Portugal by a partner supplier of Continente’s for several years, specializing in infant feeding. Fruit purees also meet very demanding nutritional criteria - they are simply pureed fruit, with no added sugars and no preservatives. The entire range of food was developed by Continente’s team of nutritionists who, together with suppliers, created specialized and nutritionally balanced solutions.

All diapers are made with soft and absorbent materials, dermatologically tested, and with the most advanced technologies - XL Tube Technology, which guarantees faster absorption and better distribution of pee, and Instant Dry Touch, an absorbent layer that maintains the baby's skin dry, instantly and permanently, which allows us to guarantee up to 12 hours of protection and a baby up to 2x drier. The “Continente do Bebé” diapers are also OEKO-TEX certified, which guarantees safe textiles for the baby's skin, with independent tests that verify the absence of more than 100 undesirable substances. They also have FSC certification, which guarantees that all the cellulose used in diapers and pads comes from sustainably managed forests.

The “Continente do Bebé” wipes, pediatric and dermatologically tested, were specially developed with soft tissues, respecting the skin's natural PH.

“At Continente, we are very strict with the quality of our products. We have invested greatly to offer products that are distinguished by innovation and quality, always at the lowest prices. We work in partnership with our suppliers, under very strict quality criteria”, says Ana Alves, Continente’s Private Labels’ Commercial Director. “As these are baby products, in which users cannot express their opinions yet, we did a very interesting job with the parents: for several months, more than 100 parents, and their babies, have been participating in the creation of the “Continente do Bebé” products. This is a work of continuity, for the launch of new products”, adds the official.

Ana Alves also explains that “this category is obviously impacted by the number of babies that are born in Portugal annually. In a context in which the birth rate remains relatively stable, as well as the retail sales of baby products (with timid growth between 2% and 5% per year), Continente’s brand has grown above 50% in the last 3 years and leads the growth of the market in both segments - hygiene and food. We see this as a reflection of our customers' confidence in the brand proposal, which is now reinforced”.

In order to be alongside Portuguese families at the start of the year and present the new brand, Continente has joined local/regional media and offered € 250 gift vouchers in “Continente do Bebé” items to the first babies to be born in the different districts of the country in 2021. In total, the brand gifted these to about two dozen Portuguese families, so that they have “a good start”.

“Aware of the phase that the country is going through and maintaining the commitment to be at the side of the Portuguese at all times, private label products assume a fundamental role in offering products of the highest quality at the lowest prices. In this moment of great uncertainty for all Portuguese, we want to bring a message of hope and optimism for this new year, and there is no better symbol of a new beginning than the arrival of a baby. We will always assume this commitment to be at the side of Portuguese families at all stages of their lives”, explains Continente’s Private Labels’ Commercial Director.

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