Chakall and Continente present budget recipes for the whole family

Chef Chakall joined Continente and created the "Receita de Chef a Preços + Baixos" ("Chef's Recipe at Lower Prices"). There are more than 30 meat, fish, vegetarian and dessert recipes for 4 people, always for less than € 6, made based on products featured in the current weekly brochure. Every week the Chef presents a new recipe. The first recipe is now available.

Chef Chakall's recipes can be viewed on the YouTube channel using the QRCode featured in Continente’s Weekly Flyer.

The Chef's Recipes allow you to cook affordable meals for the whole family, including tips to avoid food waste. For January, whose weekly leaflet is in effect from the 2nd to the 11th, Chef Chakall and Continente recommend breaded medium bream with watercress rice. There will be more than 30 recipes from the "Receita de Chef a Preços + Baixos" ("Chef's Recipe at Lower Prices").
In the new year that is now beginning, this is yet another way for Continente to help Portuguese families to save, creating affordable meal solutions made with products at the lowest prices.

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