Healthy Living Market kicks off on Continente

The largest market for organic products and oriented towards a more balanced life - Feira Vida Saudável (Healthy Living Market) - is featured in Continente stores, from May 3rd to 16th, with the best prices on hundreds of products. In 2020, Continente launched more than 150 organic products (10% more than in 2019), 58 lactose free products and 22 gluten free products.

The campaign is based on the recommendations of the Food Wheel, meaning, to eat in a varied, but balanced way, using food from all groups, eating a greater portion of foods such as fruits, vegetables, cereals and tubers, and a smaller portion from groups such as oils and fats.

The Food Wheel is composed of 7 food groups of different sizes, which indicate the weight proportion of each of them to be present in the daily diet. Within each group there are foods with similar nutritional properties, so each group should not be replaced by another.

According to Mayumi Thais Delgado, nutritionist and coordinator of Continente's nutrition team, “this national guide (the Food Wheel) teaches us that we should eat a complete, diverse and balanced diet, eating more of the larger and less of the smaller groups. Continente’s Healthy Living Market helps us get acquainted with the diversity of foods that we can find in each group, allowing us to make the best decisions without overspending.”

To meet the needs of today's consumer, increasingly aware of their eating habits and the impact it has on health and the environment, offering a variety of biological products, vegetable alternatives, with reduced salt, sugars or fats, free-from (lactose, gluten, etc.) products and food supplements, at an affordable price is Continente’s Healthy Living Market's goal.

At Continente, the offer of fresh and organic products oriented towards a healthy lifestyle is vast and diversified, with some different selling models, such as, for instance, the Fresh Produce Baskets, which in 2020 increased sales by 70%, compared to the previous year.

The Bio and Healthy segment is also one of the most important businesses for Continente Online, which achieved a 111% increase in sales in the first months of 2021.

TAll Continente products include the Nutritional “Traffic Light”, ”, which indicates the nutritional profile of nutrients that, if consumed in excess, can be serious for our health - salt, sugar, fats and saturated fats - through a colour code (green - low concentration, yellow - moderate concentration and red - high concentration). An essential tip for making balanced choices is to choose more often products with more green or yellow and less “red lights”.

The Continente Equilíbrio brand includes products with less sugar, salt and fats, and more proteins, fibres, fruits and vegetables, wholemeal and naturally healthier options. It avoids red “traffic lights”, except for sugars naturally present in fruits or fats naturally present in oilseeds. All products are validated by Continente’s team of nutritionists, and comply with strict nutritional criteria: without hydrogenated fats, without palm oil and preferably without sweeteners, dyes and artificial flavours.

The Continente Bio brand has a wide range of products with certified organic production at a democratic price, which respects the best environmental practices and the balance of ecosystems.

The eating habits of the Portuguese is a concern and an essential commitment for Continente, which thus promotes democratization in access to nutritionally more balanced foods and the promotion of healthy eating habits and lifestyles.

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