Flavour of the Year 2021: ‘Continente Equilíbrio’ raw bars and pasta

The ‘Continente Equilíbrio’ raw bars, made with 100% natural ingredients, without preservatives and without added sugars, and the pasta from the same brand, made from legumes and cereals, with a high fiber content and a source of protein, are among the products awarded with the new ‘Responsible Taste of the Year 2021’ label. The flavour and nutrition as well as the recyclability of the packaging are this label’s criteria, where Continente stood out with the highest number of award-winning products - 9.
imagem dos produtos marca Continente que receberam o premio Sabor do Ano 2021
The ‘Sustainable Taste of the Year 2021’ award was given to Continente’s dark chocolate, dark chocolate with almonds and dark chocolate with hazelnuts’ tablets and to the magnificent ice creams made of white chocolate and strawberry and of white chocolate and almonds, both with Rainforest Alliance certification  (www.ra.org), which aims to provide a more sustainable supply of raw materials with the acquisition of certified cocoa with regard to its cultivation, thus helping environmental and social sustainability, with the aim of protecting forests, improving the lives of local communities and mitigating the climate crisis.

Continente’s products also received distinctions with the ‘Flavour of the Year 2021’ label in the ‘Ready Meal’ and ‘Yogurts’ categories, making a total of 22 distinguished products.

Low Prices, Quality, Healthy Eating, Sustainability, Innovation, and National Production are the pillars that characterize the development and offer of more than 4 thousand product references from the Continente brand, which are present in the daily lives of Portuguese families, and that this year celebrate their 30th anniversary.

“Continente being recognized as the brand with the most 'Responsible Taste of the Year' and 'Sustainable Taste of the Year' awards makes us very proud because it reinforces, once again, our commitment and concern with the Portuguese food habits and sustainability, namely the democratization of access to healthy foods and environmental sustainability.”, says Ana Alves, Director of Private Labels at Sonae MC.

Originating in France, the international ‘Taste of the Year’ award has existed since 1995, having arrived in Portugal in 2010. This is a food area related award, which distinguishes products of exceptional quality and flavour, in order to simplify the moment of purchase for the consumer.

The ‘Taste of the Year’ is awarded taking into account the evaluation, from a blind tasting, of a group of 80 consumers who taste and approve the products taking into account criteria such as taste, texture, odour, appearance and overall satisfaction. This year the ‘Taste of the Year’ award featured more than 160 winning products, distributed in numerous categories.

Continente Products distinguished by the ‘Responsible Taste of the Year 2021’ award:

  • Continente Equilíbrio Red Lentil Penne Rigate Pasta (250g)

  • Continente Equilíbrio Buckwheat Penne Rigate Pasta (250g)

  • Continente Equilíbrio Pea and Corn Rigate Pasta (250g)

  • Continente Equilíbrio Chickpea Fusilli Pasta (250g)

  • Continente Equilíbrio Coconut and almond raw bars (3 * 35g)

  • Continente Equilíbrio Apple and Cinnamon raw bars (3 * 35g)

  • Continente Equilíbrio Cocoa and Hazelnut raw bars (3 * 35g)

  • Continente Equilíbrio Peanuts, Almonds and Cranberries Dried Fruit Bars (4 * 25g)

  • Continente Equilíbrio Peanuts, Hazelnuts, Cashews and Cranberries Dried Fruit Bars (4 * 25g)

Continente Products distinguished by the ‘Sustainable Taste of the Year 2021’ award:

  • White chocolate and strawberry Magnificent ice cream (4 pcs.)

  • White chocolate and almonds Magnificent ice cream (4 * 120ml)

  • Dark Chocolate tablet (200g)

  • Dark Chocolate with Almonds tablet (200g)

  • Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts tablet (200g)

Continente products distinguished by the ‘Flavour of the Year 2021’ award:

“Ready Meal” category

  • Bolognese Lasagne (1kg)

  • Ham and Cheese Pizza (medium)

  • Carbonara Pizza (medium)

  • Barbecue Pizza (medium)

  • ‘Romana’ Pizza (medium)

  • 4 Cheese Pizza (medium)

“Yogurts” Category

  • Coffee yogurt + protein (280g)

  • Banana yogurt + protein (280g)

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