Continente brand products highlighted until August 17th

The entire Continente product range will be highlighted until August 17th, with a direct discount of up to 25% campaign, across all stores and also on Continente Online.

Innovation, Quality, Healthy Eating, Sustainability and National Production are the pillars that characterize the development and offer of more than 4 thousand references of Continente brand products, present in the families’ daily lives, from fresh produce, groceries, beverages, dairy products, frozen products, personal hygiene, home cleaning, pet care, among others.

The quality of Continente products is evidenced by the awards that have already distinguished, in 2020 alone, more than 40 of the brand’s products - the Flavours of the Year, the Products of the Year and the Top Beauty, which are also highlighted in this campaign. Continente brand products are regularly subjected to rigorous specialized laboratory tests and are also approved by customers in “blind” sensory tests.

Every day a new private label product arrives at Continente stores: unique and differentiating products, new flavours, new fragrances, or new formats, can be discovered throughout the year. In this campaign we highlight the ruby chocolate tablet, the cuttlefish ink spaghetti, the American ice creams, the H20 pure baby wipes or the power+ dishwashing detergents.

Promoting healthy eating is one of the Continente brand’s commitments, which has a diversified range of nutritionally balanced products. One of the main initiatives was the nutritional improvement of the products, which resulted in the reduction of 450 tonnes of sugar, 60 tonnes of salt and 300 tonnes of saturated fats in more than 100 products, in the last year alone. There are several examples of this movement, including Yogurts, Cereals, Cookies, Soft Drinks, Chips, Tomato Pulps and TakeAway Soups, contributing in this way to improve the health and lifestyle of the Portuguese.
Regarding sustainability, Continente's commitment is to anticipate, by 2025, the ambition defined by the European Union, for 2030, to reduce or even eliminate the use of plastic materials of fossil origin, ensuring that they all have reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging. Some examples are the 100% recyclable Continente toothpaste tubes as well as the elimination of cardboard boxes, reducing 8 tonnes of cardboard per year, and the recent replacement of all plastic straws in Continente’s individual milk, juices, nectars and iced teas packages, for recyclable paper straws.
In order to accelerate the transition to a circular economy for the packaging, Continente was a pioneer in the development, together with ‘Sociedade Ponto Verde’ (SPV), of a new recycling iconography for its packaging. This iconography, which aims to encourage recycling and contribute to greater customer knowledge, explains how to recycle each product, as well as pointing out the recycle bin (ecoponto) for which each package is intended.

Privileging national production is another of Continente's commitments: two out of three private label products are produced in Portugal, contributing decisively to the development and economic sustainability of the Portuguese business fabric. An example of this are the 140 million yogurts, the 10 tonnes of rice, the 30 million cans of canned fish and the 25 million litters of milk produced in Portugal.

According to Ana Alves, Continente’s Commercial and Private Label Director, “Continente’s Private Label is a fundamental part of our value proposition. We have been making a huge investment to ensure that we offer our customers products that are distinguished by quality and innovation, always at the lowest prices. We launch, on average, one product per day, every day, favouring national production and continuously improving our products’ nutritional composition, without neglecting environmental sustainability”.

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