Continente is the new “Volta a Portugal em biciceta” Official Sponsor

'Portugal de Volta' (Portugal is back) is Continente's motto to communicate the brand's latest support for the 82nd edition of the “Volta a Portugal” (Portugal by bike Tour), one of the sporting events most cherished by the Portuguese and which takes place between August 4th and 15th, in several stages across the country. The brand also sponsors the event's Mountain Jersey.

The 1st stage of the “Volta a Portugal” by Bike starts at Continente Bom Dia Torres Vedras, on August 5th. Throughout the event, there will be several brand activations within the public and in the various Continente stores where the “Volta a Portugal” passes through. We highlight the “Caravana Portugal de Volta” which will be the greatest stage for the brand’s activation, which will pass through each stage’s arrival locations, and features lucky roulette wheels that guarantee freebies to all who want to participate.

According to Tiago Simões, Marketing Director at Sonae MC, “this support marks Continente's return to national events, this time in face-to-face format, providing greater proximity to customers across the country. We want to always be where the Portuguese are, from the largest urban centres to the more rural regions. The “Volta a Portugal” allows us to reinforce what Continente has been promoting for 35 years: proximity and convenience for all Portuguese families, celebrating together the party that this event is.”

Continente is also a food partner (“Volta a Portugal by Bike’s Official Large Surface”) of the event: “this food partnership combines Continente’s and Sport’s shared values - healthy eating, essential for good performance (physical and mental), a balanced and healthy lifestyle, and also a reflection of Portugal, uniting families around a sporting event, just as food unites families around a table”, adds the brand’s official.

For Joaquim Gomes, director of “Volta a Portugal” by Bike, “the most prominent Large Distribution brands have been present on the main Cycling Stages in the world for a long time. It is with great joy that we mark the debut of the reputable Continente brand in the 82nd “Volta a Portugal”, that went straight to lend its colours to one of the most coveted leadership symbols – The Mountain Jersey. It is in the epic “battles”, in the Mountains, that cyclists most quickly reach the hearts of the people. And this time, Continente will be there!”.

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