Continente gifts 1 Million Bags for Fruits and Vegetables

In order to encourage the use of reusable bags when purchasing fruit and vegetables, Continente will gift its customers, as of today, 1 million reusable, washable and recyclable mesh bags for fruit and vegetables, that hold up to five kilos.

The offer applies with a 100% discount on Continente card, from July 26th until the end of stock and is limited to one unit per customer. Just pick up the bags at the store or add them to Continente Online’s virtual cart and the discount is automatically applied at checkout.

All Continente stores have reusable bags, which hold up to eight kilos of fruits and vegetables, available in the respective section. Alternatively, customers can bring their bags from home and there are recycled paper cards in the store to stick the products’ labels on, after the respective weighing, and present them at the cashiers.

This initiative is one of the practical examples of how the brand promotes more environmentally friendly behaviour and how it reminds everyone of what we can do for the planet.

Continente has been implementing several measures within the scope of its Strategy for the Responsible Use of Plastics. In 2020, Continente achieved a savings level of more than 4.2 thousand tonnes of virgin plastic per year. This amount represents a growth of 90% compared to the 2.2 thousand tonnes/year announced in April 2019 on the platform.

In addition to the tonnes of virgin plastic eliminated (between eliminating plastic considered unnecessary and replacing virgin materials with recycled ones), the brand also replaced from its products 50 tonnes of low recyclability plastic (such as PVC) with other materials that are easier to recycle (such as PET). Currently, 73% of private label references are already 100% recyclable.

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