‘Cinco Soldos’ 100% Portuguese olive oil for sale on Continente

‘Cinco Soldos’ olive oil, a 100% Portuguese brand, sold exclusively in all Continente stores since March 2019, has sold more than 1.3 million litres so far.

The range consists of 4 olive oil varieties: 'Cinco Soldos Reserva', an extra virgin olive oil of superior category, suitable for finishing dishes or for tasting with bread; ‘Cinco Soldos Superior’ and ‘Cinco Soldos Essential’, extra virgin olive oils that, due to their versatility, are ideal for seasoning or as a base ingredient in other sauces; and ‘Cinco Soldos Casto’, a virgin olive oil, for culinary use, in baked goods or soups, and the refined olive oil ideal for stews or frying, due to its high temperature resistance.

These olive oils are produced in Portugal, using national olives and with 100% natural processes, obtained through physical procedures that maintain all the olives’ quality: washing, grinding, decanting, centrifuging and filtering treatments. Subsequent storage is carried out at a controlled temperature that guarantees the preservation of the finished product’s quality.

The name “Cinco Soldos” (five wages) goes back to the time of the monarchy, when the laws of agriculture protection prescribed a fine of three wages (soldos) for anyone who uprooted a tree. If that tree were an olive tree, the fine would increase to five wages. History thus demonstrates the importance given to the olive tree, a tree that has long been part of the agricultural and food practices of Portuguese society.

These oils are, therefore, naturally healthy fats and have a central role in the Mediterranean diet. By recognizing its importance, Continente reinforces its offer of healthy products, providing all its customers with a quality product, and encouraging healthier eating habits.

Between January and March alone, Continente acquired more than 71.3 million euros in national products.

A decisive initiative in supporting national production is the Continente Producers Club, whose goal is to provide national products of excellence to customers, the result of a partnership with producers, supported by technical and scientific knowledge and which allows to align the offer with consumption trends. The Club is also committed to supporting local production, to small scale producers, managing to supply some stores in the Continente retail chain, resulting in an offer of “Products from the Region”.

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