Chef Chakall serves paella at the vaccine distribution centre

Missão Continente makes its first 40 kg donation to ‘Food Trucks are Safe’

The ‘Food Trucks are Safe’ initiative, by chef Chakall and the Food Trucks Factory, is back with the support of Missão Continente, which will donate food to cook meals for health professionals across the country. This week, the food truck ‘parked’ in Montemor-o-Velho (Coimbra), at the Vaccine Storage and Distribution Centre, and served 300 meals to that unit’s employees.

On the 15th, professionals at the centre were surprised by a food truck next to the premises, in which the Argentine chef prepared live and served chicken paella to 300 people - doctors, nurses, operational assistants and other employees of the unit. Missão Continente contributed with several ingredients - more than 40kg of food.

“We want to cross the country to serve decent meals for those on the front line. For almost a year, many have lived in constant service to others, leaving themselves to the second, third or fourth plan! With the closing of canteens and meal services, we know that many people spend whole days on sandwiches and snacks, without a hot, complete meal. This was the way we found, with the help of Missão Continente, among other partners, to take care of those who, every day, have taken care of everyone”explained the chef.

This is not the first time that ‘Food Trucks are Safe’ travels across the country to cook for healthcare professionals. Launched in April 2020, the initiative reached more than 17 locations from north to south of the country and served around 10,000 meals to professionals from INEM, Firefighters, Civil Protection, GNR, PSP and cleaning workers. The 'travel' is now resumed, with presence scheduled for several locations in the country that will be announced shortly, always guaranteeing compliance with all safety and hygiene standards recommended by the DGS, which are essential in this period.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Missão Continente has continued to receive and respond to countless requests for help, through the donation of food and hygiene products to thousands of entities including hospitals, municipalities, solidarity institutions and much more, aimed at people in vulnerable situations, as well as health and safety professionals who remain at the forefront.

In addition to the local and national support it continues to provide, through the 'Never Give Up' and 'All for All' campaigns, Missão Continente distributed around 2 million euros in food products to more than half a million Portuguese people.

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