“An original and exclusive recipe” Continente launches “Our Croissant”

As of today, Continente has 'Our Croissant' for sale - a national product, semi-puff pastry - the result of an original recipe - and available exclusively at all Continente and Bagga stores. This croissant, without hydrogenated fats, stands out for its half brioche, half puff pastry, which results in a crispy crust.

Produced in Portugal and rolled by hand, ‘Our Croissant’ was thought out in detail, from the thorough refinement of the recipe to the development of the brand’s identity to the in store presentation and in the personalized packaging - paper bags or boxes. The product has a RRP of 1 euro.

According to Nuno Vital, Sonae MC’s Commercial Director “at Continente we are always committed to providing new products adjusted to the needs of our customers, focusing on quality, flavour and price. The croissant is a product highly sought after by our consumers and ‘Our Croissant’ aims to bring our customers an excellent product at an affordable price’.

There are many croissants, of different types and shapes, but this is ours. “IT'S OURS, BUT THE PLEASURE IS ALL YOURS” is the signature of the campaign developed by FUEL, which will be present in digital media, until February 28th. The campaign has ‘Our Croissant’ as the main protagonist and conveys the sensory experience that everyone will have when experiencing this novelty.

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