Missão Continente and SC Farense aid the municipality’s population

Re-food Faro, with the support of Missão Continente and Sporting Clube Farense, will distribute more than 10,000 products in baskets of essential goods to the vulnerable population of the municipality of Faro, including households that are in prophylactic isolation or quarantined and in a situation of economic need.

Monthly baskets consisting of food and hygiene products, worth a total of 9,200 euros, will be delivered to 114 households in the municipality. This support reinforces the daily donations of food surpluses made by Continente stores, such as fruit, vegetables, bread and dairy products, ensuring that all households can have access to a healthy and diversified diet.

Among the beneficiaries, in addition to families in situations of vulnerability, there are also citizens in prophylactic isolation or quarantined, signalled by Faro’s Health Centre and Hospital. After the request for food aid issued by the Municipality of Faro, the local Re-food centre, with the support of its approximately 300 volunteers, ensures the preparation of the baskets. Delivery to people's homes is the responsibility of Firefighters in conjunction with Civil Protection.

In order to be able to help all the signalled people, Missão Continente and Sporting Clube Farense joined Re-food, contributing to increase the response capacity of the local nucleus. Among the products delivered by Continente stores, in Montenegro, and in addition to essential food items, there were also included personal hygiene products, diapers and baby milk, a fundamental aid for the approximately 100 children currently supported

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