For the first time, supporting Missão Continente’s Christmas solidarity campaign – ‘Help lives next door’ - can be carried out through the Continente Card App, where customers can choose which of around 1000 local institutions they want to support, regardless of the location where they live. In addition to the possibility of choosing directly on the Continente Card App the institution they wish to support, customers can make the transaction via Continente Pay or by redeeming their Continente Card’s balance.

‘Help lives next door’ Video Link

In the year in which Missão Continente celebrates its 20th anniversary, we expanded the donation opportunities nationwide, through the Continente Card App, so that customers have complete freedom of choice in relation to the amount and the institutions they wish to support, regardless of their geographic location. The ‘Help lives next door’ campaign’s goal is to create the largest solidarity network in the country and, more than ever, we defend that each of us must play our role, whether big or small, in helping those who are around us and need us. We believe that customers, due to their proximity to local institutions, are the best to decide which cause they should support and that this fundraising model is the most appropriate for the logic of proximity and direct intervention in each community we defend”, explains Nádia Reis, Director of Communication and Social Responsibility at Continente.

The ‘Help lives next door’ Christmas campaign, promoted by Missão Continente, runs until January 7th and supports around 1000 local institutions in all Continente, Continente Modelo and Continente Bom Dia stores, from north to south of the country and islands, through the sale of vouchers. The amount raised will be delivered to the local institutions close to Continente stores via ‘Cartões Dá’ so that they can guarantee the purchase of food items to support their beneficiaries.

The institutions chosen by Missão Continente already have a strong connection to the brand, as they benefit from the donation of the stores’ surplus. In addition, these institutions develop their work in supporting people in vulnerable situations, from food support, to the provision of healthcare for seniors and the development of educational activities with children and young people.

All information, as well as institutions, can be read on the website and on the Continente Card App.

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