This year, give more time to your life and order this season’s most typical meals for Christmas lunches and dinners” is the motto of Cozinha Continente (Continente Kitchen) to make the daily lives of its customers easier during the upcoming Christmas season.

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At Cozinha Continente customers can find ready-made food for every day. It was with the most special days in mind, and Christmas lunches and dinners, that Cozinha Continente prepared a selection of the most traditional dishes for this season, to allow its customers to dedicate more time to moments of sharing between family and friends.

To the traditional Christmas dishes, such as ‘Roast Turkey’, ‘Lagareiro-style Cod Loins with Shrimp’, ‘Lagareiro-style Octopus’ or ‘Lamb with Roast Potatoes’, there are some new additions with more sophisticated recipes, especially designed for those who like to surprise and be surprised, such as the ‘Turkey Leg in Port Wine with Chestnuts, Mushrooms and Roast Potatoes’, the ‘Pork Loin with Caramelized Apple, Roast Potatoes and Sautéed Cabbage’ or the ‘Salmon Loins with Bread Crumble, Mashed Potatoes and Sautéed Cabbage’. For those who are fans of Cozinha Continente’s most typical dishes, there’s also available to order the much-loved ‘Bacalhau Espiritual’(‘Spiritual’ Cod) and ‘Duck Rice’.

There are also vegetarian alternatives, such as ‘Mushroom Salad with Walnuts and Cheese Chips’, ‘Spinach Croquettes’, ‘Vegetable Fritters’, ‘Vegetable Gratin with Egg and Mozzarella Cheese’, ‘Bulgur with Roast Vegetables’ or ‘Couscous with Vegetables’.

So that nothing is missing at the table, there are also options for starters, such as the ‘Smoked meat and Apple Pie’ or the ‘Shrimp and Mushroom Puff Pie’, and side dishes, such as the ‘Crushed Chickpeas with Moorish Chorizo’ or the ‘Greens’ crumbs with Black-Eyed peas and Chorizo’. Thinking about the convenience and comfort that this season calls for, there are also available 2 specific menus for 6 people, consisting of a starter, main course and dessert, from €7.59 per person.

Cozinha Continente’s offer aims to keep being a valuable help so that customers can dedicate their time to what really matters this Christmas season, which is celebrating moments of sharing with their family and friends, without wasting a large part of their time to prepare food for the occasion. Cozinha Continente thus offers a selection of dishes that combine traditional flavours and the quality of homemade food, with only the freshest ingredients, which we all appreciate”, says Chef André Matos.

There are more than 30 different recipes that can be ordered at Cozinha Continente’s take-away until December 17th (for Christmas) and until December 21st (for New Year). Orders can be placed at Continente, Continente Modelo and Continente Bom Dia stores’ take-away counters, by phone or online at and can be collected in store or delivered to customers’ homes.

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