‘PRAVI’, the Portuguese Animal Rights League, ‘Associação Animais de Rua’ and ‘Animalife’ are the four institutions supported through the sale of the new solidarity bags from Missão Continente.

These are intended to support projects related to the rescue, feeding and treatment of abandoned or abused animals, especially during the summer, when these cases increase.

These bags are for sale at all Continente, Continente Modelo and Continente Bom Dia stores in the country (except Madeira) for 1.50€. For each bag sold, 0.50€ goes to the four animal support institutions. The total amount raised will be divided equally by the institutions, to implement a project, which will be accompanied by Missão Continente to assess the impact on the community.

Missão Continente’s 20th anniversary commemorative edition stands out for the exclusive collection of solidarity bags that supports 20 institutions: ‘Support for Children and Youth’, ‘Animal Support’, ‘International Organizations’, ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ and ‘Fight against Hunger’ are the five areas identified.

The second solidarity bag from the 2023 Collection is currently for sale, reusable and reproduced from plastic bottles, featuring the message “We care with love”. The amount raised goes to PRAVI, an association that helps in the protection and welfare of abandoned animals or victims of mistreatment; the Portuguese Animal Rights League, which promotes communication between national and international organizations, in the protection of animals and in the formulation of general and specific laws to defend animal rights; the Street Animals Association, which provides veterinary treatment, shelter or comfort to thousands of animals on the streets; and Animalife, which responds to problems of animal abandonment and acts on the economic and social vulnerability aspects of families.

The first collection of these solidarity bags, which marks Missão Continente’s 20th anniversary, was launched in March and sales reverted to four institutions to support Children and Youth.

With the 2022 edition of these solidarity bags, Missão Continente raised 353,176.00 euros, which made it possible to finance projects from the Portuguese League Against Cancer, Fundação Gil, Ajudar Moçambique, CASA and APAV, as well as to train and strengthen their sustainability.

Missão Continente is Continente’s brand of social responsibility, which is anchored in the values of community, mutual help, and care for others, in the search for a sustainable future. It is committed to Sustainability, contributing positively to the communities in which it operates and acting on three axes: Food, People and Planet. Together with several partners and national reference entities, it responds to social needs and reinforces the idea that each of us must play our role, whether big or small, in order to help each other.

Missão Continente, 20 years thinking about others

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