As part of the partnership with ‘Hope for Fulanis’, Continente launched the new Cashew Energy Balls (RRP 1.19€), which join the Mixed Nuts Pastes (RRP of 3.49€) and 100% Cashew (RRP of 4.49€). These products respond to Continente’s strategy to promote healthy nutrition and contribute to access to basic nutrition for hundreds of children in Guinea-Bissau.

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Part of the sales of these products go to promoting access to basic nutrition for children living in villages in the interior of Guinea-Bissau, through the creation of centres for monitoring and preventing child malnutrition. The centres operate integrated into schools supported by ‘Hope for Fulanis’ and guarantee the distribution of free meals to children, contributing to their physical, cognitive and emotional development, and also constituting an incentive for schooling and education.

Since the launch of the first product in July 2021, the donations raised have already contributed to the building and inauguration of two centres, which currently support more than 350 children, and provide around 72,000 meals a year. To date, more than 1 tonne of food has been distributed.

The second centre for monitoring and preventing child malnutrition was built from scratch and inaugurated in December 2022, in the village of Tabanane, integrated into a multidisciplinary complex (with 380 m2), which includes the first Missão Continente school outside the national territory.

Since the beginning of this project, which has nutritionists and health technicians from ‘Hope for Fulanis’ in the field, it has been possible to observe and measure results in the supported children, which translate into an improvement in their physical condition, school achievement and cognitive development, as well as retention and reduction in the school dropout rate.

According to Tânia Lucas, Private Labels Director at MC, “in Continente, we are committed to continuing to create social value, recognizing our responsibility as a brand that is present in the lives of many families and the ambition to generate a positive impact on society, in favour of an increasingly sustainable and equitable future. It is with great pride that we reinforce our partnership with ‘Hope for Fulanis’ and we bring breakfast to more and more children in Guinea-Bissau every day. We know how important nutrition is for children’s proper physical and cognitive development, and that’s why we continue to expand the range of cashew products.”

About ‘Hope for Fulanis’:

‘Hope for Fulanis’, in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, has been developing, since 2000, several projects in the area of health, education, child nutrition, vocational training and access to drinking water in the interior of Guinea-Bissau. Prioritizing access to quality basic education as a right for all children and the fight against child malnutrition, which continues to be one of the greatest scourges of global health and the greatest cause of infant mortality, ‘Hope for Fulanis’ has a protocol of action and encouragement of schooling under the United Nations’ ‘World Food Programme’ (WFP) and has already founded 15 primary schools, which enrol more than 1,900 children and influence more than 5,000 people a year.

This project is supported by Missão Continente, whose lines of action include encouraging healthy eating and lifestyle, investing in social impact projects that transform and improve the lives of the most vulnerable people, and acting together with communities, helping them grow, be more sustainable and respond to social and environmental challenges.

Eradicating poverty and hunger, promoting quality health and education, as well as gender equality, helping to collect drinking water and sanitation, reducing inequalities and promoting Peace, Justice and Effective Institutions are the 8 sustainable development goals proposed by the United Nations (UN) to which Missão Continente intends to contribute with this initiative.


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