Portuguese League Against Cancer’, ‘APAV - Portuguese Victim Support Association’, ‘CASA - Homeless Support Centre’, ‘Help Mozambique’ and the ‘Gil Foundation’ were the five institutions supported by Missão Continente, totalling more than 353 thousand euros, through the sale of collectible Solidarity Bags, in 2022. The donations were delivered upon a visit to each institution, assessing the projects in the application of the funds raised. The formal check will be delivered to the ‘Gil Foundation’ in September.

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The first solidarity bag in the 2022 Collection was the ‘Hope’ bag (Levo Esperança), whose 72,696.50 euros collected go to the Portuguese League Against Cancer, to purchase support accessories for people with cancer, namely hair prostheses, turbans, scarves and hats.

The amount raised from the sale of the ‘Love’ bag (Carrego Amor), 68,178 euros, will be used to improve the living conditions of the APAV’s Shelter Homes, which carry out daily work to prevent, support and protect victims of various crimes, namely domestic violence or sexual crimes.

The ‘Dream’ bag (Transporto Sonhos), with 69,514 euros raised, will support CASA - Homeless Support Centre in the creation of occupational activities with Homeless People.

The ‘Peace’ solidarity bag (Semeio Paz) - 70,907.50 euros - goes to the education project “Girls’ School” of the Help Mozambique Association, which provides access to secondary education, housing and quality food to young girls living near the Gorongosa National Park.

The amount collected from the sale of the ‘Smile’ bag (Espalho Sorrisos), 71,880 euros, will help the Gil Foundation to reduce trips to the hospital and unnecessary hospitalizations through paediatric home care for children with chronic and/or disabling diseases, thus contributing to an improvement in their quality of life.

In addition to the solidarity aspect, these reusable bags aim to contribute to increasing recyclability rates in the country and conscious consumer behaviour.

The Missão Continente Solidarity Bags are still for sale and are now in their 3rd edition. The bags are available at all Continente, Continente Modelo and Continente Bom Dia stores for 1.50€, with 0.50€ going to social institutions. With the donation, the institutions will implement a medium-term project (1 to 3 years). Missão Continente will monitor the implementation of these projects and measure their impact on the community in question.






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