Through Tony Carreira’s 10 solidarity and intimate concerts – the ‘Tour por Todos’ (Tour For All) – Missão Continente raised more than 118 thousand euros, which were donated to local solidarity institutions and to the Sara Carreira Association. In addition to the approximately 98 thousand euros raised through the sale of tickets for the concerts, the artist donated 20 thousand euros to the local institutions he visited throughout this solidarity tour.

‘Carvalhos’ Youth Home’, ‘Moita’s Parish Centre’, ‘Association for the Recovery of Disabled Citizens of Lousã (ARCIL)’, ‘Portuguese Association of Parents and Friends of Mentally Disabled Citizens of Mirandela (APPACDM)’, ‘SOS Children’s Village’, ‘Zona Alta de Torres Novas’ Social Welfare Centre’, ‘Parish of Ílhavo’s Heritage of the Poor’, ‘Humanitarian Association of Voluntary Firefighters of Sintra’, ‘ReFood Faro’ and ‘ADESCO’ were the 10 institutions supported and which, in addition to monetary support, were gifted a visit from singer Tony Carreira.

The ‘Tour por Todos’, held as part of Missão Continente’s 20th anniversary, started on March 18th in Gaia and, throughout the year, went through Moita, Lousã, Mirandela, Guarda, Torres Novas, Ílhavo, Sintra, Faro and Amarante, where it ended on December 9th. Half of the tickets value went to a local institution and the other half to the Sara Carreira Association.

‘Tour por Todos’ Video link

Celebrating 20 years of Missão Continente is celebrating solidarity and the positive impact we have on people’s lives every day. This solidarity initiative also aimed to bring Missão Continente closer to local communities through unique and intimate shows featuring Tony Carreira, who has been following our Mission for several years. It is with pride that we have reached the end of this ‘Tour por Todos’ with all concerts sold out and with great support for such solidary and close causes. We believe that each of us must play our role, whether big or small, in helping those who are by our side and need us. Therefore, we would like to thank everyone who contributed by purchasing a ticket for these concerts, as well as our partner and friend Tony Carreira”, says Nádia Reis, Director of Communication and Social Responsibility at Continente.

In addition to the ‘Tour por Todos’, Missão Continente continues its daily work, supporting more than 1,100 institutions, with its food surpluses; the Missão Continente School educational programme, which reaches more than 800 schools, impacting more than 100 thousand students and around 8,000 teachers, between pre-school and Elementary School, raising awareness, from an early age, on consumers and clients of the future so that they can make more balanced and sustainable choices; support for the cause of gender equality, permanently collaborating with the Secretary of State for Citizenship and Equality, through the donation of goods to entities dedicated to this cause; and supporting various local initiatives and projects to address different needs.

In addition to these initiatives, Missão Continente’s ‘Help lives next door’ Christmas campaign is currently running, which supports around 1,000 local institutions close to the more than 300 Continente stores across the country.

Missão Continente represents all of Continente’s social responsibility initiatives, operating for 20 years in the areas of food, people and planet, wanting to contribute to a more sustainable future.


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