Missão Continente’s Impact Report won the European Excellence Awards (EEA) 2023, in the ‘Annual Report & CSR Report’ category, among 700 applications, being the only Portuguese entity to be distinguished. The European Excellence Awards were created to recognize projects developed in the areas of communication and marketing across Europe.

These awards also provide an excellent networking forum for all participants and offer a comprehensive overview of achievements in communication.

The ‘For a brighter tomorrow. AR. Banco Santander’, ‘The multimedia annual report of KöinBusiness’,  the ‘NRC Group – Sustainability Report 2022’ and the ‘Annual Report 2022 Samsung Eletronics Iberia’ reports were also nominated in this category. The winners of the more than 50 categories in competition were announced at an awards ceremony, whose motto was ‘Marvellous & Magic’ and which took place on December 8th, at the Wintergarten Varieté Theater, in Berlin.

MC is the first national retail company to launch a social impact report through a detailed analysis of the work carried out by Missão Continente on behalf of communities in 2022. This document presents the results of all the brand’s social responsibility initiatives, detailing its involvement with the community in different aspects, from classic philanthropy to social investment.

This is an important recognition for Missão Continente, especially considering that it was the only national entity distinguished by these prestigious European awards. It also gives visibility to the measurement of social impact, an important variant of Missão Continente’s, and all solidarity projects for the benefit of the community, where we want to continue working in the coming years”, says Nádia Reis, Director of Communication and Social Responsibility at Continente.

The Impact Report, winner of the ‘Annual Report & CSR Report’ category, brings together information about the projects supported and promoted in 2022 with a focus on what is common between them - the changes and the impact - facilitating communication about the projects and the global investment strategy. Furthermore, it guarantees the transparency of support and monitoring processes, contributing to Missão Continente’s credibility.

This report presents relevant quantitative data, which demonstrate the importance of institutions’ involvement with Missão Continente. From this, it is possible to understand that Missão Continente, in the area of social inclusion, impacted 12,492 beneficiaries, through 4,020 consultations provided, 2,499 home visits and the involvement of 26 volunteers. In health, 6,210 people benefited from Missão Continente’s support with 25,676 home visits and 700 volunteers. In the area of education and awareness, Missão Continente impacted, in 2022, 70,704 students, 5,110 beneficiary teachers, from 655 schools in Portugal.

Missão Continente represents all of Continente’s social responsibility initiatives, acting on the axes of food, people and planet, thus wanting to contribute to a more sustainable future.


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