The 7th of December is marked by the award of an extraordinary Christmas basket, worth €500, by MC to around 38,000 employees.

The year 2023 brought challenges to the world and to the Portuguese, which were felt in the management of the family budget. Faced with a particularly challenging economic and social context, MC believes that this gesture will alleviate the high pressure felt on the cost of living of its people, providing a better festive season for everyone.

MC has always been committed to the well-being of its people, both professionally and personally. It is part of its value proposition and is something that is rooted in its culture. The company has reinforced its investment in valuing its people and improving their working conditions, particularly in stores and logistics warehouses, with an impact in terms of reducing the burdensome tasks and functions, while also investing in renovation and improvement of its social areas. The company also continues to focus on reinforcing the benefits and advantages it offers to its employees, particularly in programmes such as ‘Somos Sonae’ (We are Sonae). This MC solidarity programme, developed in partnership with the Portuguese Red Cross, was created in 2013, with the aim of intervening and supporting Sonae employees in situations of economic or social vulnerability. This programme provides support in various aspects, from goods, services and essential products, legal support and renegotiation of debts and credits, support in the health area (psychological and oral health), among others. ‘Somos Sonae’ also has areas dedicated to financial literacy, mental health and support for Victims of Domestic Violence.

Still in the area of health and well-being, in addition to the psychology or psychiatry consultations included in the health insurance, the company offers free online psychological support consultations, 24 hours a day. Additionally, the #PrecisamosFalar programme was created, which aims to raise awareness on the topic of mental health and provide everyone with tools that allow them to be aware of warning signs (their own and those of those around them). This programme operates in three distinct phases: awareness raising; information and training.

For Vera Rodrigues, Head of People at MC, “In the particularly challenging economic context in which we live, we know that Portuguese families continue to be subject to high pressure in the daily management of their budget. At MC, we are always committed to continuing to find ways to make our contribution, so that, in these particularly demanding moments, we can make a difference in the lives of all those who give us their vote of confidence. Moreover, this commitment starts, as always, from the inside out – taking care of our people, who, day after day, in each of their functions and tasks, help us achieve our mission as a company.

We recognize and value their dedication and their essential role in building our collective success. We believe that this special gesture, depending on workload and seniority, will be able to help make this Christmas even more extraordinary and alleviate some of the challenges of everyday life.

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