Missão Continente, always committed to making a difference in the communities in which it operates, donated seven TIR trucks of ‘Hey Clay’ toys, with the aim of providing a happier Christmas to thousands of children in Portugal. There are more than 146 thousand toys, distributed among 55,073 children from 1,367 social solidarity institutions in partnership with ‘ENTRAJUDA’, Porto’s Food Bank, Setúbal’s Food Bank and Braga’s Food Bank.

The delivery of toys to social solidarity institutions symbolizes our connection to the people, who have been an essential part of this mission. We believe that, through the joy and creativity provided by ‘Hey Clay’ toys, we are contributing to creating special memories and meaningful moments for thousands of children. Missão Continente reinforces its commitment to making a difference, always with the aim of building a better world,” states Nádia Reis, Director of Communication and Social Responsibility at Continente.

‘Hey Clay’ toys are modelling clay that combine fun with the development of important skills. They promote dexterity and coordination, stimulate and allow spending quality time with family and friends. These modelling clay also have a special feature: if they dry, they solidify and the figure keeps its shape, without cracking. It is non-toxic, non-sticky, does not stain and leaves no residue. In addition to the modelling clay, Missão Continente also distributed books and kits for children to store their creations.

‘TCC’, as a partner of Continente and representative of ‘Hey Clay’ in the context of loyalty campaigns, supports Missão Continente in this cause. “We couldn’t not be present in this project and alongside these institutions that do a lot to change the lives of these children and contribute to a more colourful, fun and creative Christmas”, comments Carito Kanashiro, Marketing Director at TCC Iberia.

Continente, through its social responsibility project, Missão Continente, continues its daily work, supporting more than 1,100 institutions, with its food surpluses; the Missão Continente School educational programme, which reaches more than 800 schools, impacting more than 100 thousand students and around 8,000 teachers, between pre-school and elementary school, raising awareness, from an early age, on consumers and clients of the future so that they can make more balanced and sustainable choices; support for the cause of gender equality, permanently collaborating with the Secretary of State for Citizenship and Equality, through the donation of goods to entities dedicated to this cause; and supporting various local initiatives and projects to address different needs. In addition to these initiatives, Missão Continente’s Christmas campaign ‘Help lives next door’ is currently running, which supports around 1000 local institutions close to more than 350 Continente stores across the country.

Missão Continente represents all of Continente’s social responsibility initiatives, operating for 20 years in the areas of food, people and planet, thus wanting to contribute to a more sustainable future.





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