‘Continente do Bebé’ renews, for the fourth consecutive year, its commitment to supporting families, gifting vouchers worth €250 to the first baby born in each district in 2024. In total, ‘Continente do Bebé’ gifted around €4,500 to 18 families, highlighting Continente’s continued commitment to being an integral part of special moments.

The vouchers, which are valid for 1 year, allow families to purchase ‘Continente do Bebé’ brand products, reinforcing the company’s commitment to providing new-borns with a positive start.

Launched at the beginning of 2021, ‘Continente do Bebé’ is a brand which specializes in food, hygiene and cleaning products for babies, designed and adapted to each growth stage. The range meets strict criteria for quality, effectiveness, nutrition and sustainability and was developed in partnership with several experts.

Continente is committed to supporting the needs of families, not only at the birth of a baby, but also at all stages of their lives. Thus, to start the year in the best way, and welcome new members of the family, another edition of Continente’s ‘Baby Fair’ is taking place, with early online access, where it is possible to find a variety of products for babies at the best prices, from food, hygiene, and a whole range of utensils and safety equipment such as car seats, strollers, travel accessories, furniture and bathtubs.

The ‘Baby Fair’ is part of Continente’s promotional plan’s reinforcement. Under the motto “In January, savings come first”, this is another of Continente’s initiatives, aimed to being at the side of families, adding the offer of discount coupons on Continente Card, and savings on thousands of products. Continente remains committed to ensuring maximum quality, always at competitive prices, and continuing to create savings solutions, in conjunction with its partners.

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