The Continente Card surprises its customers once again with a unique and personalized experience. The ‘Recipe of the Year’ campaign presents an innovative and pioneering summary of each family’s previous year, highlighting their purchases, favourite products and savings throughout 2023.

In 2023, the more than 4.2 million families, which are Continente Card holders, saved 323 million euros. The ‘Recipe of the Year’ campaign stands out as a milestone in the innovation trajectory of the loyalty programme and can be accessed directly through the Continente Card App.

In partnership with ‘Fuel’, ‘Innovagency’, ‘Proud’ and ‘Trix’, this year’s edition goes further. ‘The Recipe of the Year’ is presented through a film starring the charismatic Joana Barrios. This film, which doesn’t just reveal the usual statistics, creates a unique experience, where the comedian transforms the year’s summary into a fun and unforgettable experience.

Innovation has always been an integral part of Continente Card’s DNA, which was a pioneer in digitalization and the use of technological developments. Started in 2022, this Continente Card campaign has proven to be a success. The previous edition of the campaign, called ‘Year in Review’, was awarded Gold in the new Data Driven category of the Efficacy Awards.

The recognition from our customers and the award we conquered last year motivated us to raise the bar. We want each user to feel truly special when receiving their personalized summary, celebrating not only their purchases, but also the moments lived and the savings achieved with the Continente Card”, states Rui Rocha, Head of Continente Card Loyalty Programme.

Continente Card is the largest discount card in the country and can currently be used in more than two thousand points of sale, with exclusive discounts at Continente, Galp, Wells, MO, Meu Super, Zippy, Bagga, note!, ZU, Pizza Hut, Pans&Company, KFC, Pasta Caffé, Miit, SOL, TacoBell, Home Story, and TAP.

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